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           Hilary Hubanks is a Surface Designer and Illustrator who has been living and working New York City since 2012. She grew up in Southern Wisconsin, and attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities for her undergraduate degrees in Apparel Design and Fine Art, and is currently in the process of obtaining her Master's Degree in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

         Hilary's interest in drawing and garment design starting from a very young age when she would play dress up in her mother's closet, and then try to design her own unique outfits. Being raised in a rural farming town, she also felt a close tie to nature and the creatures that lived in the woods, and would frequently draw small animals in her diaries. The merging of her two passions for drawing nature and apparel design came in the form of print design during her time in undergrad. In addition, she is continually influenced by her Norwegian heritage, ethnic ornamentation, folk art, human taboos, the grotesque, tribe cultures, dark humor, and most of all aliens. She is also obsessed with tiny details, filling space completely, and truly believes that "more is always more."

    She is currently working on her MFA senior visual thesis show, which will incorporate her love of extraterrestrial things, print design, accessory design, illustration, and strange creatures. The thesis show will debut in June of 2018.